Laneo was a global initiative
that connected people, brands and
environmental groups to
cleanup the planet.


Our Origins

Our vision was that the magnitude of environmental problems that our society faces today, cannot be adequately resolved by traditional "non-profit" measures and the “philanthropic” strategy, and only a change in behavior would reverse the trend. For this reason, we believed that it was essential to support NGOs in their approach and foster their initiatives. So we created Laneo who's mission was to sponsor grassroots community Nature Cleanup Projects in critical countries & locations, providing the means to support and propagate the number of events and involve and reward all stakeholders.

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“This is what we need more of,
action always trumps words.”

— Yvon chouinard, patagonia


Our Manifesto

Launched in January 2006 by Andrew Paterson, Laneo created a brand experience that embodied the role of facilitator of change with all stakeholders. Initially focused on the outdoor lifestyle industry because our natural playground is being irremediably destroyed by pollution, we increased our scope to involve a wide range of companies with the promise that by engaging with our audience, they could benefit from association with an experience people feel so passionate and positive about. In the spring of 2011, we had to make the tough decision to stop our work, regardless of our palpable network effect we were unable to secure continued support from our clients. Our small team was devastated, some things worked, others not as well, but we are proud of what we accomplished and know one day, we'll be back at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

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Our Achievements

We supported and helped coordinate hundreds of grassroots cleanup events around the world, and they cleared massive amounts of waste from natural areas while also providing much-needed funds and resources to these local non-profits to multiply these events and engage more people and brands through experiential education. We feel this model, were it widely adopted, has a staggering potential to influence the common good.

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Our Projects

Laneo was a starting point, a virtual campsite, and a place to initiate hands-in-the-dirt action. Through unique, fully managed services, companies received assistance to select and sponsor cleanup projects and leverage the quantifiable evidence of their positive impact on ecological stewardship. Outdoor enthusiasts discovered simple ways to get involved at their level, learn about the effects of increasingly reckless attitudes and shared their progress across social networks. And environmental NGO’s benefited from increased publicity, attracted additional volunteers and received the financial and logistical support to multiply these initiatives.

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