Laneo created a new generation of social enterprise; a mix of cause marketing, sponsoring and foundation outreach work that's mission was to support grassroots operations to cleanup the planet
and engage people and brands through experiential education.

Our innovative campaigns and boutique style approach catered to brands that weren't looking for an ad agency, a PR firm, or a media group. We ran a very light and flexible outfit with an exceptionally talented international team and when needed, worked with very high caliber freelance professionals, which makes things proficient and straightforward. Laneo was a full-service company headquartered in Paris, France with coworking offices in London, Brussels, Berlin, Milan, and Madrid, which enabled us to be close to our clients, only when needed.


what is a cleanup?

A grassroots cleanup event is usually organized by a NGO and gathers volunteers to pick up, sort and remove non-toxic waste from natural sites. Projects typically lasted one day and events aimed to recycle part of the collect and dispose of the rest correctly.


what is a PROGRAM?

A fully managed series of environmental initiatives where Laneo handled for the sponsor all the targeting, planning, coordination, safety, education, content production, results, public recognition, reporting, and financing.


what does laneo mean?

Laneo (lah-neo), comes from the Hawaiian word “alaneo” which means “serene” in a beautiful natural setting. Earth and nature are a source of serenity, peace and stillness and without them intact,
our outdoor experience is meaningless. *

* Our thoughts & prayers are for Maya Machnicova, whose business expertise, values and creative magic helped bring about everything we did and tried to achieve, she will be forever in our memories.